Russian compatriots in Nepal celebrated Orthodox Easter

20.04.2014 – 21.04.2014

Russian Centre of science and culture in Kathmandu together with the Association of the Russian compatriots and members of the Orthodox community "Sporitelnitsa hlebov" organized a celebration of the Orthodox feast of the Resurrection – Happy Easter.

In the evening of 20th and the morning of 21st of April in the premises of the Russian Embassy in Nepal a festive prayer service was organized, for which executive secretary of the Synodal Department for Church Charity Abbot Seraphim (Kravchenko), arrived from Moscow to participate. Parishioners were able to consecrate Easter eggs and cakes, to pray for the family and partake themselves. After the service, together with Abbot Seraphim and members of Orthodox community "Sporitelnitsa hlebov" visited the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kathmandu. RCSC employee Anton Maslov showed Worship cross to the abbot, installed on the territory of the RCSC in 2013 dedicated to all the climbers who were killed during the storming of the mountains, as well as the recently opened exhibition dedicated to 700th birth anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Two-day celebration of Orthodox Easter in Nepal was attended by over one hundred people.