The Conclusion of the Sochi Olympics marked at Rotary Club in Kathmandu

A meeting was held at the Rotary Club of Dilibazar to mark the conclusion of Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games on March 26. The meeting was attended by Russian Ambassador Sergey Velichkin, Director of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Nepal Stanislav Simakov and members of the Nepalese sports delegation who recently participated in the Sochi Winter Olympic.

The event in Sochi concluded on February 23. Representing Nepal the Nepalese skier Daychhiri Sherpa participated in the Winter Olympics programme in the 15 km cross-country.

Rotary International is an international non-governmental organization of Rotary clubs worldwide. Rotary clubs are positioning themselves as non-religious and non-political charitable organizations, open to all countries, regardless of nationality, race, religion or political views. According to the Rotary International, worldwide there are more than 33 thousand clubs with more than 1.2 million members.

Members of the Rotary Club saw a multimedia presentation on the outcome of games in Sochi, which included detailed statistical information and spectacular moments of opening and closing ceremonies held at the Fisht- stadium. The RCSC Director Stanislav Simakov emphasized on organizational success quoting the note of IOC president Thomas Bach who noted the successful organization and coordination of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Russian Ambassador Sergey Velichkin drew attention to the fact that due to such sport events friendly relations among peoples are being fastened by a healthy competitive spirit.

The floor was given to the President of the Nepali Olympic Committee Dhurba Bahadur Pradhan, who shared his impressions of the Olympics: "This is the fourth Games in my career, and I should note the high level of organization. Particularly, I want to appreciate how security issues have been resolved and managing the accommodation of delegations, as well as compact sports clusters and the Olympic Village.

The program was attended by members of the Rotary Club of Nepal prominent public figures, businessmen and philanthropists as well as special guests, specially invited to the meeting more than 40 people in all.