Embassy Press Releases

A meeting of Nepal-Russia Press Club on State Duma (lower house of parliament) Elections on December 4, 2011
(December 9, 2011)

The Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kathmandu hosted a regular meeting of Nepal-Russia Press Club to update local media on Russias parliamentary elections.

Russian ambassador to Nepal Dr. Sergey Velichkin noted that the recently-concluded general and regional elections were, given their scope and volatility of present political discourse by all accounts, a reasonably fair and democratic process and were held in line with the prevailing regulations and electoral rules of the Russian Federation.

Presenting a detailed case-study of the system and practices of federal elections in Russia, the Russian diplomat expressed his understandable disappointment with the local media over the negative coverage of the election process and its biased interpretation stemming from their reliance on materials provided by Western news agencies and TV channels as well as on remarks from representatives of the White House and the US State Department.

Answering the journalists questions, Russian ambassador expressed his belief that the Nepalese mass media will find it possible to diversify their foreign news partnerships through availing of internationally recognized Russia-based mass media, such is the Russia Today which proved itself to be knowledgeable and well-equipped for monitoring developments in the Russian political field.

The meeting was traditionally held in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual respect so typical of the character of relations enjoyed by the two countries.