Embassy Press Releases

Elections to the Russian State Duma, the Lower House of Parliament, were held on December 4, 2011. About 65 million of Russians voted so far for their favorite parties, which makes 60.2% of all eligible voters

Seven political parties in compliance with the Federal Legislation were registered by the Central Elections Commission (CEC) and participated in the election:

United Russia

Communist party of the Russian Federation

Liberal-democratic party of Russia

Russian United Democratic Party Yabloko

Patriots of Russia

Fair Russia

Right Cause

After counting more than 96% of ballots and according to the preliminary results announced by the CEC, United Russia received 49.54 % of votes, Communist party of the Russian Federation 19.19%, Fair Russia 13.22%, Liberal-Democratic party of Russia 11.65%. The remaining three parties did not obtain enough votes to pass the 7% margin to be represented in the Parliament.

According to the results the composition of the Parliament (450 seats) will be the following:

United Russia - 238 seats

Communist party of the Russian Federation 92 seats

Fair Russia 64 seats

Liberal-Democratic party of Russia 56 seats

The new Parliament is elected for a 5 year term.

These elections were held in all 83 regions of the Russian Federation as well as abroad. Votes were cast in 94 864 polling stations and in 376 polling stations in foreign countries. About 2 percent of votes were cast electronically.

The CEC invited almost 700 foreign observers from the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe to monitor elections. Independent observers from many countries came as well. Majority of them have confirmed that the elections were fair and democratic. Although minor complaints were registered by the CEC, they will be reviewed by the proper authorities.

Elections in Russia were covered by more than 1600 journalists from 175 domestic and foreign mass media and information agencies.

In Nepal 63 Russian citizens exercised their constitutional right on December 4, 2011 at a polling station set up on the premises of the Russian Embassy in Kathmandu.