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About Theatre of Dance Gzhel

Russian Classic Ballet Show by the Moscow National Academic Theatre of Dance Gzhel within the Mandala International Youth Theater Festival
November 23, 2011


Russian Centre of Science and Culture
Mandala Theatre
in association with
Mahendra Golcha Memorial Trust

Press Release

Art in its every manifestation has always represented the spiritual side of our existence. Since ancient time humanity expressed its aspiration for celestial beauty in painting, sculpture, music and dance. Time went by, and the means of expression grew more sophisticated making the final results more exquisite.

Nowadays ballet dance is probably one of the most delicate and technically complicated forms of classic art. Originating from Renaissance, ballet dance had a beautiful and winding history, so that by present day there are many ballet schools and styles differing from one another so greatly that one could hardly guess they sprang from one and the same source.

Russian ballet dance is rightfully concerned classic. Its rich traditions and unchallenged beauty of performance have deserved it justly recognition all around the world. Russian ballet dance groups give performances in many countries bringing the sincere and professional art that unites people catching their attention, touching them deep at soul and leaving them in admiration or contemplation when the performance is over.

For the first time since the Soviet era Russian Centre of Science and Culture in association with Mandala Theatre and Mahendra Golcha Memorial Trust brought a classic Russian ballet dance group to Nepal to participate in 2nd Mandala International Youth Theater Festival. On the 23rd of November dancers from the Moscow National Academic Theatre of Dance Gzhel, founded by Vladimir Zakharov, Russian choreographer in 1988 in Moscow, will perform at the stage of Russian cultural centre in Kathmandu to put the audience in touch with the profound and beautiful art of Russian ballet.

We are happy to reintroduce Russian classic ballet to Nepal, promoting further strengthening of cultural and spiritual friendship, bringing to life another dimension of connection and cooperation between the two nations.