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Brief Highlights of the 6th NRN Regional Conference in Moscow
July 26, 2011

The 6th Non Resident Nepali Regional Conference was held from 23rd to 24th July in Moscow, Russia. The theme of the conference was Strengthening NRN Network Promoting Nepal. All together, there were 417 participants from 25 countries. Nepal House was inaugurated on 24th July, 2011.

The chief guest of the conference was Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mr. UpendraYadav. The special guest of the conference was speaker of the Moscow state Duma Mr Platonov V.M. The conference was inaugurated by lighting the panas by the chief guests,Special guest and other distinguished guests. Mr. JibaLammichane, VP NRNA and Conference Coordinator welcomed all the participant and delegates of the conference. Hon. Mr. Jaya Ram Yadav, Member of Parliament, His Excellency Mr. Surya KiranGurung, Mr. Dev Man Hirachan, ICC President, Mr. Kush Kumar Joshi, past president FNCCI and Dr. UpendraMahato, Chief Patron, NRNA also addressed the conference and put forward their views about the conference and the NRN movement.

The first session of the conference entitled Nepals Economic Diplomacy and NRNs was chaired by the chief guest and co-chaired by the Chief Patron of NRNA Dr. UpendraMahato. Ambassadors from Denmark, Germany, France, Russia, UK and permanent representative of UN, all expressed their support and the need to work together with the NRNAs but also mentioned lack of budget as the biggest hindrance. Dr. Mahato spoke about the need to clarify the differences between the definition of NRN made by GoN and NRN. DPM and FM expressed full support to the NRN movement from the GoN and instructed the foreign ministry officials to let NRNA use their physical resources.

Mr. Rameshwor Shah, Treasurer of NRN highlighted on the possibilities of creating a mutual investment mechanism for NRNs to invest in Nepal.

Mr. Tenzi Sherpa, Secretary of NRNA discussed about the various way of promoting and safe guarding the touristic heritage and the interest of the country.

Mr. Kiran Nepal, Chief Editor of Himal magazine and Mr. Sudheer Sharma Chief Editor of Kantipur Daily highlighted the need to make tangible the output of NRNs. They also emphasized on the need to register the institution.

The Second Plenary section entitled Promoting Nepals Investment Potential was moderated by Mr. RatanJha, General Secretary and Chaired by Governor of NRB, Dr. YubarajKhatiwada. Three speakers from FNCCI, including Mr. Kush Kumar Joshi, immediate past president FNCCI, discussed and put forward their views about remittance, advertisement and infrastructure development. Mr. Ram BabuNepal highlighted on Nepals Economic Prosperity and the NRNs. NRNA ICC VP Mr. JibaLamichhane highlighted some issues and ways of collective investment in Nepal. FNJ President Shiva Gaunle and NayaPatriak chief editor Mr. Krishna JawaDevekota also gave their input on NRNs, the press and dissemination of information.

The third plenary session was chaired by Mr. Dev Man Hirachan, ICC President and moderated by Mr. RabindraShrestha, Dy. RC Europe titled Strengthening NRN network. A perspective on strengthening NRN network and Promoting Nepal among American NRNs was presented by Mr. PrahladPanta. Opportunities and challenges of NRNA was presented by NRNA advisor Ms. Indra Ban. Similarly, Women Affairs Coordinator, Ms. Usha Sharma and Youth Affairs Coordinator, Mr. BhabaniOli reported on their respective fields. Dr. DK Dangol highlighted on various aspects of labor issues in the Middle East and its importance to NRNA.

The fourth plenary session on dual citizenship and foreign employment for prosperous Nepal was held under the chair of Mr. Ram Thapa, co-chaired by BishwakantaMainali and moderated by RC Europe Capt. HitmanGurung. Speakers Dr. RagavDhital, NRN UK, Roshan KC, NCC Japan, NarendraBahadurBhat, NCC Qatar, BhaktaGurung NCC UK, JanakiGurung, NCC Belgium put forward their views. Co-chair Mr. BishwakantaMainali explained in detail the probable outcome of this issue and NRN Patron Mr. Ram Thapa made the concluding remarks and informed the audience that this matter was already concluded but remained to be ratified by the constitution assembly. He also expressed the need to make a final visit to the concerned authorities in Nepal and take up the mater once again. During this session Dr. UpendraMahato, Chief Patron, offered to establish a trust to help support the labor issues of the Gulf Regions or in countries where unskilled and semi-skilled employees are working.

The fifth plenary session on 24th Juy2011 , Strengthening NRNA as a global organization with Mr. BhimUdas as the chair and Capt. HitmanGurung as the co-chair summarized the progress of each region which was presented by the Regional Coordinator and their representative of the different regions. Dr CB Gurung from UK spoke on some issues of Gurkhas. DrHemraj Sharma presented on the NRNA current issues and constitutional reforms.

Finally, words of appreciation were put forward by Dr. Mani Raj Pokharel, NRNA NCC Russia President and ICC President Mr. Dev Man Hirachan. The conference was summarized by Dr. Eka Narayan Chapagain and Dr. JugalBhurtel presented the declaration of the conference. President of FNCCI, Mr. SurajVaidhya, on the closing ceremony of the conference, made his remark and congratulated the NRNA for having successfully completed the 6th Regional Conference. The DPM and FM also made the concluding remarks and encouraged NRNs to continue to their efforts. He also stated that it was going to be very difficult to differentiate between Resident and Non-Resident Nepali emotionally because they equally love and respect Nepal.

The other important event of the conference was the inauguration of Nepal house in Kaluga regioan. The special guests of this ceremony were DPM and MOFA MrUpendraYadav and vice governor of Kaluga region.

The following nine point declaration was made during the conference:

1) The conference urged and requested all political parties to declare a constitution that represents the integrity and sovereignty of the country, protects and promotes multiparty democracy, human rights and bring the peace process to conclusion through continuous dialogs, understandings and co-operation.

2) The chairman of PhulkumariMahato Memorial Trust and the Chief Patron of NRNA Dr. UpendraMahato declared a 5 crorer Endowment Fund to help develop and upgrade the skills of a family member of the employee who has been made disabled through accident during their tenure as an employee abroad.

3) As per the request of all Non-Resident Nepalese from all over the world the conference has urged the constitution assembly and all political parties to abolish the present practice of nullifying the Nepali Citizenship once a Nepali citizen acquires as foreign nationality keeping in spirit the practice of the saying Once a Nepali always a Nepal.

4) Welcoming the appeal of the Nepal Government to Non-Resident Nepalese for investment in the hydropower sector, the conference reassured its commitment to act as a facilitator and mobilize the NRN through collective investment in this sector.

5) This conference also declared to continuously support and work jointly with Nepal government, FNCCI and other related institution to promote personal and job security for the foreign employees of Middle East, Malaysia and other regions.

6) The conference applauded the efforts made by the Non-Resident Nepalese to promote tourism in a long term and sustainable way by constructing the Nepal House and also urged others to do so. It also requested participation and support for the tourism promotion activities conducted every year in Belgium, UK, Australia, Germany and Japan and also urged other to do so.

7) This conference highlighted the need to encourage and promote the participation of women, youth and the generation born outside Nepal in the NRN movement.

8) The conference requested all NCCs to keep the spirit of the association as non-political, non-profit making organization dedicated to peace and prosperous Nepal through public service.

9) The conference thanked NCC Russia and Nepalese community of Russia who worked hard to make this conference a successful event.

Kindest Regards,


Vice Presdient NRNA ICC