Embassy Press Releases

Press Statements
Following Russian-Chinese Talks
(Beijing, September 27, 2010)

PRESIDENT OF CHINA HU JINTAO (retranslated): Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a great pleasure to meet with you together here with President Medvedev.

President of Russia Medvedev and I just held productive talks in a friendly and open atmosphere, during which we had a substantial exchange of views on bilateral issues, and big international and regional issues of mutual interest. A number of important agreements have come out of these talks.

Following our talks we signed a joint statement on all-round deepening the Chinese-Russian partnership and strategic cooperation, and adopted a joint declaration on the 65th anniversary of the end of World War II.

Both countries assess highly the latest progress in Chinese-Russian relations and our strategic cooperation and partnership over these last years, and express our readiness to continue building and strengthening these strategic ties.

Both countries are ready to continue building up our mutual support on the most important issues concerning each others key national interests. We expressed our common willingness to keep intensifying our strategic cooperation and our work together on settling global and regional issues, ensuring international stability, facilitating global economic revival, and building a polycentric world and democratizing international relations in the interests of establishing a fairer and more rational world order.

We share the common view that strengthening our cooperation in practical sectors has immense importance for speeding up the modernization process underway in our countries.

We see the successful opening of the China-Russia oil pipeline as very significant. We reached an agreement on intensifying and coordinating our countries development strategies. We set out the grounds for carrying out investment and interregional cooperation programmes and broadening the scale of our cooperation in trade, the economy, energy, investment, finances, and also high-technology and innovative sectors of the economy. We expressed our commitment to the principles of open cooperation, mutual advantage and shared profits in the aim of optimizing and developing our bilateral cooperation.

We gave a high assessment to the results achieved in building up our cultural and humanitarian cooperation over these last years. Both countries reaffirmed their readiness to expand exchanges in education, culture, healthcare, physical culture, mass media, and tourism.

China expresses its gratitude to Russia for Russias great support in organizing the World Expo in Shanghai, and congratulates Russia on its successful exhibit at this event.

We share the view that Russian-Chinese relations are getting a new start now. We are ready to work together to seize all the good opportunities that come our way and take bold steps forward, turning our agreements into reality and combining our efforts to open a new era in our bilateral relations, strategic cooperation and partnership.


First of all, I want to thank President Hu Jintao and all of our Chinese colleagues for the traditional hospitality and warm welcome that always surrounds us on Chinese soil. This is my second visit to the Peoples Republic of China as President of the Russian Federation, and my fifth meeting with President Hu this year.

As was just noted, Mr. Hu and I had very open discussions on the main areas of our cooperation and outlined our plans for the future.

The results of our talks are reflected in the documents signed today, including the joint declaration. I am sure that these documents will give a new impulse to our strategic partnership and cooperation.

I will say a couple of words about our economic relations. Our trade and economic cooperation is developing very well. We were very pleased to see that last years negative trends are behind us now. The global financial crisis sent the economy into collapse and our trade decreased, but we made up that lost ground this year and look likely to reach pre-crisis figures in our trade and economic cooperation, and this is very important. The main thing now is probably to concentrate on promising projects and consolidate the tendencies that have begun taking shape since the start of this year.

We examined the most promising areas for our cooperation, and they are all reflected in one way or another in the documents signed today. These cooperation areas broaden the horizons for our work together, extending into areas such as energy efficiency, developing electricity networks, nuclear energy sector cooperation, high technology cooperation, and a whole number of research projects. All of this composes the diverse palette of our economic ties.

Russia is taking active part in the Expo 2010. I thank President Hu Jintao for the kind words he said just now about Russias exhibit. I will visit the Expo tomorrow.

This is a special year for our countries and for the entire international community. On May 9, we celebrated the 65th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War in Moscow, and I want to thank Mr. Hu once again for taking part in these celebrations. Yesterday, I visited Lushun and took part in a ceremony marking the restoration of the memorial to Soviet soldiers killed during the liberation of Northeast China from occupation. This is a symbol of our friendship.

Our humanitarian cooperation is also developing very productively. Russian Language Year in China was very successful with more than 200 different events. Now we have Chinese Language Year in Russia underway. Yesterday, in fact, I met with students and teachers at the Dalian Foreign Languages Institute, which is considered one of Chinas main centres for Russian language studies, and these kinds of educational establishments make a big contribution to developing the multifaceted cooperation between our countries. They are our capital for the future.

The possibility for our schoolchildren to holiday in China was a very good event. More than 1,000 Russian schoolchildren will spend holidays in China at the Chinese Presidents invitation this year and next year, and I take this opportunity to thank once again our Chinese friends for their excellent organization of these holidays.

We discussed international issues too. Russia and China remain firmly committed to their choice of strategic partnership and strategic cooperation on all issues. This helps our countries to adapt to the geopolitical changes that are constantly underway in our world.

We have good coordination on all issues on the international agenda and on regional matters too. We work very productively together in the main global forums such as the G20, and in regional forums such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and the BRIC Group, and discuss a very broad range of issues. I think this is very useful for both countries.

Looking around the audience I can say that the Russian delegation is very large, unprecedentedly so, in fact, and this underscores the level of our strategic partnership, because we always have plenty to discuss, and we have great opportunities before us and very good relations.

Once more, I thank the Chinese leadership for this reception and for the excellent organization of this visit.